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  • Cocoa

    – with a fruity and nutty taste and a chocolate flavour

Cocoa from the Mountains of the Moon™ is mostly of the Forastero type. It is usually cultivated in the shade, in combination with a range of other crops like vanilla.

Ripe pods are opened in the field and the beans removed and the same day delivered to purposely-built village fermentation centres. There specialised “fermenters” make sure that the beans ferment at the right temperature and with sufficient aeration.

The initial drying of the cocoa takes place is in the sun, on purposely built racks to reduce the acidity of the cocoa and to smoothen its flavour. Thereafter beans are moved indoors where they are dried in a flow of warm air to about 5% moisture.

After sorting remains a clean, single origin cocoa of limited quantity, with a fruity and nutty taste and an intense chocolate flavour.