Company | Mountains of the Moon™

Driven by the passion to produce pure & exceptional products, in harmony with nature and in a way that is lasting & fair

There was a time when Domaine Monts de la Lune (DML) in the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo was renowned for its smooth coffee and that extra foamy espresso it would make.

Three generations later and a dark chapter in the country’s history closed, the farm is thriving again with organically and fair trade certified vanilla and cocoa from the Mountains of the Moon™.

Today DML also closely cooperates with the over 1000 members of the farmers association Le Jardin and provides support to produce certified organic and fair trade vanilla and cocoa. In an area of extreme poverty the partnership constitutes the lifeline for many families.

Equally passionate clients are invited to join us in this experience and benefit from the cooperation with a logistics partner in Europe that permits direct sourcing from the Mountains of the Moon™.