Philosophy | Mountains of the Moon™

Pure & exceptional

Be it coffee in the past or vanilla and cocoa today, since generations our ambition is to be renowned for superior quality. We therefore pay particular attention to best match crops, soil and micro-climate and cater for each an every plant according to their natural requirement and without the use of chemicals. Harvesting is highly selective to assure that only mature and healthy crops enter processing.

During processing and conditioning, our specialists ascertain that the unique taste and flavour of each crop can develop at its best and that crops are well-preserved.

In harmony with nature

At the core of our thinking lie the integrity and sustainability of our environment such that future generations benefit at least as much from it as us!

To achieve this it is necessary to look well beyond the boundaries of the cultivated land. Whilst assuring the sustainability of farming itself, activities also need to assure the conservation of surrounding forests, rivers and wildlife to assure the harmonious co-existence of man and nature.

Lasting & fair

Transparency, mutual respect and fairness are the cornerstones of our relationships with local farmers, clients and consumers. It follows fair trade standards to assure that the farmers and their families can succeed and build their future on the cooperation with us.