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Cocoa market outlook and strategies for 2011

The way forward in a volotile cocoa market

Cocoa prices have been subject to immense fluctuations. Not only exogenous influences are to be accounted, but so are endogenous factors, in particular the conduct of market players.

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Chocolate from the Mountains of the Moon rated among the best!

The Chocolate Life, the on-line community for chocophiles just presented the results of a chocolate tasting where the Blanxart 82% Congo chocolate from the Mountains of the Moon rated among the best!

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Mountains of the Moon at the BIOFACH 2010

We will be present at the BIOFACH Fair in Nuremberg in Germany between February 17 to 20, 2010.

Visit us in Hall 4, at the African Pavilion, and taste our organic and fair trade certified single origin vanilla and cocoa.

Best regards from the Mountains of the Moon™

Raw food cocoa from the Mountains of the Moon™, certified organic and fair trade

During fermentation and drying of our cocoa we keep temperatures in range of 40 – 45 C. Temperatures below this range lead to incomplete fermentation; above they destroy vital proteins and enzymes that shape the flavour of cocoa and determine its nutritive value. Very critical is a gentle drying phase. It helps to reduce acidity and to allow ample time for oxidization and the development of an intensive chocolate aroma. Read more

How will the next vanilla and cocoa season from the Mountains of the Moon™ look like?

Soon the cocoa harvest will begin in earnest and the vanilla harvesting will begin late November. As it looks like, the cooperation with the farmers and the training provided begins to bear fruits and both certified organic and fair trade vanilla and cocoa production are on the rise and the quality is getting better by the year!

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