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FOODEX Japan 2013

The FOODEX fair in Tokyo in March was very successful.  We were especially surprised by the demand four gourmet vanilla and the interest in our Mountain of the Moon chocolates!

With an own distributor now in place, it has become much easier to access our products In Japan. Feel free to contact us for details.

Vanilla production trends – what next?

The general trend of decreasing vanilla production in East Africa was re-enforced by a very poor flowering earlier this year in Western Uganda and Eastern Congo.  Read more

Cocoa market outlook and strategies for 2011

The way forward in a volotile cocoa market

Cocoa prices have been subject to immense fluctuations. Not only exogenous influences are to be accounted, but so are endogenous factors, in particular the conduct of market players.

Read more

The vanilla market – is another high price phase immanent?

The are strong signs that the vanilla market is about to change. During the last few years vanilla was traded at sometimes ridiculously low prices which have lead many farmers to abandon the crop. Read more