Cocoa, shade grown | Mountains of the Moon™

Our cocoa goes shade-grown!

In November we received support from FFEM in France to introduce shade trees into the cocoa plantations of the members of the farmer association.

It means that during the next 18 months shade trees can be introduced among the cocoa trees on ca. 500 ha. The project will lead to more sustainable cocoa cultivation, will capture atmospheric CO2, will enhance the biodiversity of the farming systems and, long-term, will produces urgently needed firewood and timber.

Seedlings will be raised and the farmers will receive enough seedlings to plant 270 tree/ha. The selected species are native to the area and include Maesopsis eminii, Cordia abyssinica and Prunus Africana.

Parallel, training will be provided to assure the successful establishment of the trees and good growth in subsequent years.